Les meilleurs concessionnaires de camping-cars de Toulouse (2024)

  • 16/07/2020

Les meilleurs concessionnaires de camping-cars de Toulouse (1)

Vous cherchez un concessionnaire de camping-cars à Toulouse ?

Que ce soit un camping-car d’occasion ou neuf, un concessionnaire près de Toulouse, Fenouillet ou d’une autre ville de la région toulousaine, vous trouverez ici la liste de votre bonheur.

Voici la liste des meilleurs concessionnaires de Toulouse.


CCC Camping-Car Conseil Toulouse

CCC Camping-Car Conseil met à votre disposition son expertise et tout son savoir-faire pour la vente ou l’achat de votre camping-car d’occasion.

Grâce à leur expérience et leur connaissance du marché du camping-car, les experts de ce concessionnaire vous guident pour acheter ou vendre votre camping-car au prix le plus juste.

De plus, tous les véhicules sont révisés et soumis à des contrôles afin que l’achat ou la vente se déroule dans les meilleures conditions possibles.

CCC Camping-Car Conseil s’engage dans la pose d’accessoires et réparations.

Misant sur le particulier à particulier, CCC offre tous les services des grandes concessions, et s’adapte à votre situation.

Retrouvez votre concessionnaire le lundi de 10h-12h/14h-18h30 puis, du mardi au samedi de 9h-12h / 14h-18h30.

Fermeture le dimanche.

  • Marques disponibles : 3C Cartier, Adria, Arca, Autostar, Bavaria, Benimar, Blucamp, Büstner; Campereve, Cathargo, Challenger, Chausson, CI, Concorde, Dethleffs, Eifelland, Giottline, Gruau, Hobby, Home-car, Hymer, Itineo, Joint, Knaus, Laika, Lando, Le Voyageur, LMC, Loisirs 12, Mc Louis, Mobilvetta, Moncayo ...
  • Adresse : 365 Avenue des États Unis, 31200 Toulouse
  • Téléphone : 05 61 81 38 25
  • Site internet

Loisiréo Fenouillet

Loisiréo compte 11 concessions qui distribuent les plus grandes marques européennes de camping-cars, fourgons aménagés et de caravanes allant de l’Atlantique à la Méditerranée.

Il commercialise donc une trentaine de marques toutes réparties en fonction des concessions.

Véritable groupe régional, ce concessionnaire vous propose en plus d’un large choix de véhicules de loisirs, un grand nombre de services essentiels.

Loisiréo Fenouillet vous ouvre ses portes du mardi au samedi de 9h-12h / 14h-19h.

Fermeture le lundi et le dimanche.

  • Marques disponibles : Adria, Autostar, Bavaria, Benimar, Bürstner, Carthago, Challenger, Chausson, Elios, Fleurette, Hymer, Itineo, Le Voyageur, Mc Louis, Notin, Pilote, Rapido, Rimor, Roller, Team.
  • Adresse : 36 Route de Paris, 31150 FenouilletUEVEN
  • Téléphone : 05 62 10 76 65
  • Site internet

Occitanie Camping-car / Destinea Fenouillet

Occitanie Camping-Car / Destinea Fenouillet vous accompagne dans le choix et l’entretien de votre camping-car, van ou fourgon.

Cette équipe vous propose un large choix de véhicules neufs et d’occasion de toutes catégories.

C’est donc l’adresse idéale pour trouver un véhicule d’occasion révisé et garanti.

Occitanie Camping-Car/ Destinea Fenouillet est ouvert du lundi au samedi de 9h-12h et de 14h à 19h.

Fermeture le dimanche.

  • Marques disponibles : Benimar, Knaus, Mobilvetta, Weinsbers, Dreamer.
  • Adresse : 72 Route de Paris, 31150 Fenouillet
  • Téléphone : 05 61 70 08 20
  • Site internet

Caravaning Loisirs

Caravaning Loisirs est un concessionnaire de camping-cars à Toulouse.

Ce concessionnaire s’engage dans la vente et la réparation de camping-cars neufs et d’occasion et offre plusieurs autres services liées à la pose d’accessoires.

Caravaning Loisirs est ouvert du lundi au samedi de 9h-12h et de 14h-19h.

Fermeture le dimanche.

  • Marques disponibles : Benimar, Knaus, Rimor, Dreamer, Hymer, Mc Louis.
  • Adresse : 324 Avenue des États Unis, 31200 Toulouse
  • Téléphone : 05 61 47 80 84

Les meilleures concessions de camping-cars de Toulouse sont : CCC Camping-Car conseil, Loisiréo Fenouillet, Occitanie Camping-car / Destinea Fenouillet, Caravaning Loisirs.

Les 2 peuvent être intéressants. Les concessions ont l’avantage d’être tenues par des spécialistes. C’est rarement le cas des vendeurs dans les salons de camping-cars qui sont payés à la journée.

Les principales marques de camping-cars haut de gammes disponibles en France sont : Notin, Burstner, Dethleffs, Le voyageur, Niesmann, Carthago, Concorde, Monaco,Vario, STX, Morelo, Frankia

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Les meilleurs concessionnaires de camping-cars de Toulouse (2)


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Les meilleurs concessionnaires de camping-cars de Toulouse (2024)


How to use a camping car park in France? ›

Enter the area using your PASS'ÉTAPES card

valid for life, for €5! This mandatory token gives you access to the areas and services. You can also manage your account with it. Check all information about an area (address, tourist sites nearby, rates, services available, number of pitches…)

What is a camping car in France? ›

The full title is actually 'aire de service/stationnement pour camping car' but, understandably, most of us call them aires for short! Another note on the language – motorhomes are usually called 'camping cars' in France, so if you're hunting one down and see a sign with those two magic words on it, you're golden!

Is car camping legal in France? ›

Wild camping generally is not permitted in France, except when the landowner permits to do so. Pitching up in protected natural sites or near historic monuments is never allowed. Local authorities or other authorities in charge of these designated areas can establish specific rules regarding the area they govern.

Do aires in France have showers? ›

The word 'aire' is short for the French term 'aire de service', which is essentially a free or low-cost motorhome camping area where some basic services – such as water, waste disposal and perhaps toilets/showers and electricity – are provided.

How long can you stay on a CAMPING-CAR PARK? ›

In order to book, the Customer must have a valid PACK'PRIVILÈGES at the time of the booked Stay. No Stay of more than 21 days is allowed within a 30-day period. A PASS'ÉTAPES card holder will have to wait a period of 30 days before returning to the same area.

Can you sleep in your car for car camping? ›

How is car camping different from tent camping? It's simple—you sleep in your car instead of a tent. Car camping is a low-barrier and comfortable way to enjoy the outdoors without investing in expensive camping gear. But even when car camping, you can still choose to pull up to a campground and set up a tent.

What is the speed limit for camping cars in France? ›

The speed limit for campervans and motorhomes on French motorways is 130 km/h (80 mph). There are two situations in which the speed limit is reduced on these roads. The speed limit is then 80 km/h (50 mph) on 90 km/h (55 mph) roads and 100 km/h (60 mph) on 110 km/h (70 mph) roads.

Can I sleep in car in France? ›

While there's no law against sleeping in your car in France, you can't camp just anywhere. Indeed, camping in unauthorized areas is considered illegal and punishable by fine. If you can sleep in your car in a conventional parking space, unfortunately you won't be able to camp there.

What is the point of car camping? ›

Car camping provides easy access to the outdoors and allows more room for error than backcountry camping. It's fun, accessible, and is a great activity for the whole family.

Are campsites free in France? ›

If you're planning a road trip around France, you will not struggle to find a place to stay for the night. As you can see, there are multiple free and paid camping options in France.

Can I camp on the side of the road in France? ›

No, wild camping, also known as boondocking, dry camping, or dispersed camping, is not officially allowed in France. In some regions, however, camping and bivouacking on roads, parking lots and private properties is permitted with the permission of the local authorities.

How much does it cost to camp in France? ›

Pitches at campsites in France cost on average €31.27. Prices vary according to season, facilities and location.

How often do people shower in France? ›

An Ifop survey* found that 76% of people in France wash completely “at least once a day”, versus just 53% who said the same in Italy.

Can you just turn up to campsites in France? ›

Here are his top tips for a first-time trip with your motorhome or caravan to France and beyond. Firstly, it doesn't have to be complicated! You can book yourself a ferry to get over there. You'll find most towns have a municipal campsite, many of which do not operate a booking system; you just turn up.

Can you sleep at French service stations? ›

Is it safe to stop at French services and Aires for some sleep? Steve. My opinion is no. If you want to sleep at aires or services, just pull off the autoroute and after the payage booth there are parking areas usually with toilets and at least their is some security.

How do you pay for car parking in France? ›

If you pay for parking at parking meters, the machine will give you a ticket in exchange, which should be placed behind your windscreen, clearly visible from the outside. Street parking is limited to a 2-hour duration. You can use a credit card or the PaybyPhone, ParkNow, Flowbird apps.

How do you use the CAMPING-CAR PARK card? ›

How does the PASS'ÉTAPES card work?
  1. I arrive in front of the area and recharge my account (recommended). I then bring my motorhome up to the gate and the green terminal.
  2. I put the card in front of the keypad of the terminal.
  3. The barrier opens, I enter and park on my pitch.
Jan 18, 2021

Can you sleep anywhere in a campervan in France? ›

Overnight stops

Then search for campsites and motorhome stopovers. For French motorhome locations, see Campercontact. You are allowed to stay overnight for free anywhere that a passenger car (or camper <3,500 kg) or bus (or camper> 3,500 kg) may park.


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