Big-Time MLB Insider Links Mariners to Surprising Group of Stars in Trade Discussion (2024)

On Monday, Seattle Mariners' managing partner John Stanton told the Seattle Times that the organization has the resources necessary to add pieces at the looming trade deadline.

Well, on Tuesday, ESPN MLB Insider Jeff Passan suggested that the M's should absolutely be in "buy mode" at the deadline and he linked the M's to some very interesting names.

Shoutout to M's fan and noted "X" user @thejagepage for screen shotting Passan's work, which can be read in full at ESPN Plus:

"The Mariners are in go mode, not wanting to waste another season of their excellent starting pitching. They've got the goods to do it, too. No organization outside of Baltimore and perhaps Tampa Bay possesses the array of position-player prospects that Seattle does and the Mariners will be on the hunt for impact bats to supplement a group of major league hitters that has been so bad the team fired its offensive coordinator less than 60 games into the season. (Luis) Robert, (Pete) Alonso, and especially (Vlad) Guerrero Jr. and (Bo) Bichette, if available, all will be in play for the Mariners, and the question isn't whether they're going to add offense. It's whom they're going to add."

Good Morning.

Passan did an early 2024 Trade Deadline preview this morning where he broke down where teams stand as:

Hinge Teams
Likely Adders
Definite Adders

Here is his blurb on the #Mariners, who he has listed in his 'Definite Adders' section.

— Jage (@thejagepage) June 4, 2024

First and foremost: Passan is right. The M's do have the pieces necessary to make moves. They have four players in the Top 100 prospects list, and they have even more in the Baseball America Top 100. Undoubtedly, giving up some or most of that prospect capital would be tough, but if it leads to a World Series, then it was ultimately worth the risk.

As for the players mentioned by Passan, they all come with some risks and some reward.

Positives: One of the best power-hitters in baseball, he has 13 homers this season and 30 RBI. He's got three straight seasons of 37 homers or more and he would instantly upgrade the team's lineup. He's also a free agent at the end of the year, meaning he may not cost as much from a prospect perspective.

Negatives: He's a free agent at the end of the year, and this organization has been averse to trading for "rental" players in the past, opting instead to seek controllable players. Furthermore, he plays first base, which would cause a further logjam on the roster as Ty France, Mitch Garver, Mitch Haniger, Luke Raley and others all fight for time.

Vlad Guerrero Jr.

Positives: He's only 25 years old and still has theoretically yet to hit his prime. He's also under control through 2025, so he's not a rental player. He's also hitting .295 with 27 RBI and a .389 on-base percentage.

Negatives: He's going to get even more than his current $19.9 in arbitration in 2025, so he'll get more expensive for a group that doesn't like spending that much it seems. Furthermore, he causes the same logjam at first base and he's hit less home runs each year since popping 48 in 2021. He has only six right now.

Positives: He's also young (26) and under team control through 2025, so he offers another year of team control as well. If Jorge Polanco fails to get it going offensively, Bichette could theoretically help fill his spot at second base, and he could be an option there next year if the team declines Polanco's option in the offseason.

Negatives: He's hitting just .236 this year and owns an OPS+ of just 81. He also will make $17.2 million in 2025, so he is also rather expensive, especially in relation to his current production.

Luis Robert Jr.

Positives: He's 26 years old and under team control for 3.5 more seasons, making any prospect trade much easier to stomach. Furthermore, he brings a great power-speed combo, having hit 38 homers and stolen 20 bases in 2023. Also, the White Sox are light years from contention, so you don't feel like you are helping an immediate rival.

Negatives: His health. Robert Jr. played just 98 games in 2022 and has played only seven in 2024, though he is back on Tuesday. The outfield is also a bit of a glut with Mitch Haniger, Julio Rodriguez, Luke Raley, Dom Canzone and Dylan Moore, and someone will clearly be left out of this dance party if Robert Jr. arrives.

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Big-Time MLB Insider Links Mariners to Surprising Group of Stars in Trade Discussion (2024)


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